Aka for the art section of my homeschooling, we had to pick out a poem each week from this book I'm pretty sure was from the civil war era when they used it to teach poor children with malaria how to read. Anyway. The cadence of this particular poem has been burnt into my skull even though I've forgotten some of the words.
  1. Good morning Mary Sunshine!
  2. How did you wake so soon!
  3. You scared away the stars at night!
  4. And shined away the moon!
  5. I watched you go to sleep last night,
  6. Before I stopped my play!
  7. How did you get way over there?
  8. And, pray, where did you stay?
  9. (This would then be followed by my 7 year old self eye rolling and bursting out in frustration THAT ITS THE SUN YOU DUMBASS. THE SUN. MARY SUNSHINE IS THE SUN. IT DIDNT GO TO SLEEP YOU FOOL.)
  10. I never go to sleep, dear,
  11. I just go 'round to see
  12. My little children of the East,
  13. Who rise to watch for me.
  14. I waken all the birds and bees,
  15. And flowers on my way,
  16. Then last of all the little child
  17. Who stayed out late to play.
  18. (And then I would be like a "a poem, by Hans Christian Anderson, I hate this can I go?")
  19. (Also I'm pretty sure I hid that book somewhere behind some shelved so I wouldn't ever have to do poem recitals again. But now I'm scared my house is haunted because that book was definitely haunted by a civil war witch/teacher. )
  20. (K bye.)