Popular Movies I've Never Seen & My Limited Knowledge Thereof

Inspired by @summerallen
  1. Thelma and Louise
    Two gal pals go on an adventure and drive off a cliff.
  2. The Godfather Trilogy
    Betrayal. Face slaps. Kisses. Repeat. Something with a horse head.
  3. Steel Magnolias
    NOT golden girls. Sally Fields cries / has a freak out while holding keys.
  4. Alien
    I know that S Weav actually got in a real fight with one of the actor in one scene because the director told the other girl to actually hit S Weav but didn't tell Sig W that girl was gonna do it. Yeah I don't know how to spell her name. Surprise.
  5. Any of the High School Musicals
    I think I get the jist though. Popular sports guy with a secret passion. Poor smart not necessarily unpopular pretty girl following her dreams. Mean blond power siblings. Corbin Bluh. Something about the status quo. I'm sure it's a great time.
  6. There Will Be Blood
    Everything I know about this movie is from this and sketch. (Jaykay I know so much about this movie I just haven't actually watched it yet.)
  7. Million Dollar Baby
    Like, idk, are they related?
  8. Boyhood
    I just don't care.