Pros and Cons of TV Siblings

Yeah there are some movie siblings in here, WHATEVER.
  1. The Winchesters
    Not seen in this picture: Adam, their half brother. Pros: THEYRE THE FUCKIN BEST AND I JUST WANT TO LIVE INSIDE ONE OF THEIR BROTHERLY HUGS. Cons: They kinda just left their half brother Adam in a cage in hell and were just kinda like okay with it.
  2. The Shelbys
    Not seen in this picture: Finn and Ada Shelby. Pros: THEYRE FOOKIN SHELBYS AND NOBODY FOOKS WITH THE SHELBYS. Cons: At least 2 of them are always FOOKING shit up. Like can they not for like two seconds.
  3. The Pevensies
    Pros: Siblings that are p chill with each other also the Kings and Queens of Narnia. Very similar to my sibling dynamic. Cons: Theyre all kind of bitches AND NO ONE APPRECIATED SUSAN ENOUGH. Also Edmunds a biiiiiiitch.
  4. The Mikaelsons
    Missing: Freya. Pros: Dramatic and dysfunctional. Cons: Dramatic and dysfunctional.
  5. The Starks
    Missing: Arya and Sansa. Pro: They all love each other fiercely and would die for each other. Con: They're all probably gonna die and never see each other again.
  6. The Salvatores
    Pros: Damon's jokes. Cons: Stefan and literally everything else.
  7. The Beltchers
    Pros: They are the best. Cons: Non. They are the best.
  8. The Wilkersons
    Aka the Malcolminthemiddles. Pros: Each are ridiculous in their own way but all have the same just go with it personality that's hilarious. Cons: Not enough Dewy.
  9. The Morgans
    Pros: They stick with each other through all the ups and downs. One is a potty mouth mess while the other is an awkward serial killer. Together they are basically me. Cons: It got real weird at one point.
  10. The Lannisters
    Not pictured: Cercei. Pros: Tyrion and Jaime. Cons: Cercei and Jamie.
    Suggested by   @maribot
  11. The Lahiris
    Pros: Rishi understands and knows Mindy so well, great sibling chemistry. Cons: he's not on nearly enough.
    Suggested by   @maribot
  12. Shannon and Boone
    Pros: they both died. Cons: they slept together
    Suggested by   @edoublebubs
  13. The Weasleys
    Pros: They always look out for each other, Fred and George would keep you in stitches, badass mother. Cons: Horrifying sweater every Christmas, Percy's a prat.
    Suggested by   @bkwurm
  14. The Gallaghers
    Pros: They all still kinda like each other? Cons: They all kinda suck now?
    Suggested by   @joemurphy