So this list is gross.
  1. My finger got slammed between these big huge stone church doors.
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    I was hiding behind my mom from a dog because I was deathly afraid of dogs and the door shut and locked. I think I just screamed bloody murder for like a full minute. Apparently I was just looked really scared (I was 4) and so all the doctors where too scared to stick my finger back on. But finally some dude came in and was like I got this. My middle finger is now the same length as the two beside it.
  2. I think I fell down some stairs once and busted my lip.
  3. In the same week I busted my lips, I fell again and when my dad tried to pull my up be my arm my shoulder popped out of its socket.
    One of my other siblings probably got in an accident too and so police actually came in and questioned my parents because they thought they were being abusive. Nope - they just have clumsily AF kids.