You heard me.
  1. You guys, do you remember Shirley Temple?
  2. Mary. Of course we remember Shirley Temple. The sunshiny commercial of the perfect 90s family watching her on VCR was an incremental part of our childhoods, Mary.
  3. Mary you literally cried when you first saw that commercial.
  4. You thought YOU coulda been one of those kids in the commercial watching Shirley Temple, Mary.
  5. You didn't wanna be in a Shirley Temple movie, you just wanted to be in the Fox Video commercial advertising how the nostalgia of Shirley Temple transcends all generations and genders.
  6. So yeah, Mary, we fucking remember Shirley Motherfucking Temple.
  7. Jeezuz, do YOU remember her, Mary?
  8. Here's the commercial my work is done here GOOD DAY SIRS.