Inspired by @sarahgorman
  1. Kylie and Kendal
    Addie and I. Ugh even though I'm older SHE'S SO MUCH STRONGER AND ALWAYS BEATS ME IN FIGHTS.
  2. Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa
    Joe and I. Obviously. Both the 🎶worrrrrrrrrrrrrst🎶.
  3. Peter and Susan
    Sam and I. A plethora of eye rolls and screaming. A lot of "WHATEVER." and "BUT MOM SAID." Basically me being smart all the time and then him coming in to steal the glory with quippy one liner insults.
  4. Lilo and Nani
    Me and @katiemurphy . I spit on her a lot. She saves my ass sometimes. I'm weird but she accepts it. She's also weird though DONT LET IT FOOL YOU.
  5. Arya and Sansa
    @aliaegan and I. Both brats in the beginning. Both the worst to each other at first. SANSA PROBABLY POURS MILK ON ARYA AND ARYA PROBABLY PUTS SNOW IN SANSAS BED. But they're chill now.
  6. Fred/George and Ginny
    Nathaniel and Me. Nathaniel is like Fred and George combined because he's hilarious and paves his own way. Basically the same and even though I try to learn his methods, he still got away with so much more than I ever did.