Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. Number one: I'm perfect, always. So I guess that's slightly annoying.
  2. I can't pronounce the word "orchard".
  3. My voice goes to pitches that can only be described as @katiemurphy 's eternal hell.
  4. I'll talk during movies/Tv I've seen already and make jokes the whole time.
  5. *mumbles* icouldprobablybeacleanerroommate
  6. *mumbles* Icouldprobablycleanthedishesmore
  7. I'll laugh at highly inappropriate times. I'm way too embarrassed to tell you guys the things that I've laughed at. And no, it did not make the situation better.
    But it's funny in my mind.
  8. I'll assess the situation and know what needs to be done and then proceed to tell/manipulate other people to do the work.
  9. Not great at plans. Will know for sure if I'll be somewhere precisely 15 mins before the event happens.
  10. I'll scream "MEOW" at my friend's puppy.
  11. I say "whom" way too much to the point where it isn't even ironic any more.
  12. I reference the lord of the rings in my group text. I have been kicked out of said group text twice for this.
  13. I just lay on top of @addiemurphy
    Literally all just dead weight and won't get off.
  14. I'll open the other jar of peanut butter before the last one is empty.
  15. I'll randomly and for absolutely no reason at all lie to you just so I can see what rabbit whole I create. For instance, I'll tell you I don't know who Billy Joel is and go from there.
  16. Fail to use commas purposefully.