So I Went Back Through My Family's Old Homeschool Stuff...

And I was not good at spelling. Like there was red pen everywhere. It was like the battle of Gettysburg took place on those pages there was so much red you guys. Yall JEANNINE DONT FUCK AROUND SHE GAVE ME Bs LIKE OMG MY OWN MAHMMMMMMMM.
  1. So this is what the schedule of a homeschooler looked like in the year 2004-5.
  2. Fucking haaaaaated Mondays because Phonics was a bitch.
  3. Apparently I wrote a story about a Seal/Dolphin...
    Lol Jeannine, WHY.
  4. You guys I had "Typing Lessons" WHAT IS THIS JEANNINE???
  5. Oh spelling YOU MERCILESS BITCH.
    You guys, Vocab was NOT my strong point.
  6. Oh Jeannine...never giving up on your hopeless daughter.
    Bless it.
  7. Tbh I still don't know what this means.
    You guys I was not a smart person.
  8. God I hated this book.
  9. Lol fuck yeah 8 year old Mary.
    KILLIN the insult game since 2004.