Oh. I'll tell you.
  1. "ONE DAY MORE" - Le Mis
    I don't know all the words but I CAN BELT A BITCH.
  2. "Lean On Me" - Bill Withers
    Usually belting this two inches away from my mom's ear until she says "mmmmmARY."
  3. "Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay" - Otis Redding
    My gut, yall.
  4. "At Last" - Etta James
    Gringy face like none other.
  5. "Down To The River To Pray" - O Brother Where Art Thou
  6. "Hallelujah" - Jeff Buckley
  7. "Hail Holy Queen" - Sister Act
  8. "Fare Thee Well" - Marcus Mumford, Oscar Isaac
    Don't FUCK with me AND THIS SONG. You ain't never SEEN a more gringy face than mine when I sing THIS SHIT.
  9. "Danke Schoen" - Wayne Newton
    I'm like...really good at this...so yeah.
  10. "If I Ever Leave This World Alive" - Flogging Molly
    Best experienced when belting it out with your 6 siblings all squeezed in a car.
  11. "Love On Top" - Beyonce
    I can do the whole dance. Don't fuck with me.
  12. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - IZ
    Aw hell.
  13. "Take Me To The River" - Annie Lennox
    I would jump off any height to this song?
  14. "Oh Happy Day" - Sister Act
    @tatumhh witness with me cousin.
  15. "When You Believe" - The Prince of Egypt
    Oh helllllllll. You guys. Ohhhhhh you guys. You guyszzzzzzz.
  16. "Once Upon a December" - Anastasia
    So you know how in the classic Disney movie Atlantis where the white haired princess girl is all normal one second but then her eyes start to glow all electric blue and she walks on water with like the straightest posture and then she levitates into the source of Atlantis life? So like that's what happens when I sing "Once Upon a December".