Hey fam. It's me. Just you're casual privileged American whose looking to Study Abroad next semester and embarrass myself in front of some foreigners - you know, like one does when one is from the U.S. of A. Anyway I'm sorting through a bunch of places in the EU right now and really wanted to know where y'all have been and what's a must see!!
  1. What am I currently looking at now you ask?
    Well - I'll tell you.
  2. You know the usually basic places like: Copenhagen, Rome, Venice, London, Prague, Innsbruck, Irland, Paris?, Iceland *pauses to cry bc even listing this seems like it's soaking up money* Deep breath. *resumes* IDK HELP ME.
  3. I'm thinking about doing Verona Italy for a Maymester Mary!
    Suggested by @bryce_mccarter
  4. Ireland. Cheaper and lovely
    Suggested by @trystan
    With the ££ dropping it like it's hot (THANKS BRIXIT) against the $$ surely we're the best place. Also I REALLY WANT TO MEET A MURPHY CELEBRITY!
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  6. I studied abroad in Lille, France and it was amazing! It's right in the middle of Paris, London, and Brussels so it's easy to travel via train
    Suggested by @mjdaly
  7. Maaaarrryyyy. I spent a year in Paris and it changed my life and I am who I am bc of that magical time. Also, I'm still paying for it. IN MY THIRTIES. It's painful and kinda humiliating but I have zero regrets. EU is the way to go. You can see so much on the weekends and breaks.
    Suggested by @amieshmamie
  8. Poland, Krakow specifically.
    It's the prettiest city in Central East Europe (yes, even more so than Prague; NO, I'm not overly biased 😏), plus the exchange rate is great, plus everything on this list: 🇵🇱 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO & SEE IN (& SLIGHTLY OUTSIDE OF) KRAKÓW 🇵🇱
    Suggested by @nelle
  9. Yo. Studied abroad in London and it was the best.
    But low key I didn't speak a foreign language and really love theater. So I guess if that isn't you don't take my advice.
    Suggested by @bailey
  10. Londonnnnn
    I was not confident enough in my Spanish to go for Barcelona, but really wanted to!I met my best friend over there and wouldn't have met my husband if I hadn't gone. Cheap trains/flights around EU too.
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  11. Go to Firenze, Italy for even cuter smarter more sophisticated boyyyzzz and even more of life's magic. Can't put into words how studying abroad changed my life and solidified who I am. Almost 20 years later I still have those friends from all over the world and I still love getting flirty phone calls from my ex-Italian boyfriend. Oh the accent!!
    Suggested by @Dolce9
  12. Barcelona!
    No one has mentioned Spain yet, and it is a great country BECAUSE: not only can you travel through Europe, you also have easy access to AFRICA!! I took a weekend trip to Morocco and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made! AirIberia is super cheap so travel is cheap and Barcelona is historic and the most beautiful place you'll ever go.
    Suggested by @shaunamitchell
  13. Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸
    I spent a semester in Madrid and it was fantastic. It was very cheap for me besides the rent with my señora, but she fed me 3+ times a day and packed me sandwiches any time I travelled so it was v worth it. I travelled throughout Spain as well as to Portugal (!!!!! Fave!!!!), Paris, Munich, Vienna/Innsbruck, London, and Rome. If you have any Qs about those just ask!!! Like all people who studied abroad I LOVEE to talk about it.
    Suggested by @e
  14. If you go to Ireland, go to Galway and I'll give you all the tips
    I'm crying at the idea of Galway ugh the best 5 months of my life!!!!!!!
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  15. Harlaxton College in Grantham England
    It was amazing. This is where you live.
    Suggested by @ashleyanwiler
  16. I studied through ISEP in Milan and it's a true exchange (you pay regular tuition, room and board at your school and switch with a foreign student) so didn't break the bank and it was an absolutely life changing experience. Worth it even it had been way more expensive.
    Suggested by @tianaamatriciana
  17. I studied abroad in Rome and Athens, recommend trying to find a trip that would let you do multiple locations?! I got less immersed only spending 6 weeks in each but I got two VERY different experiences to compare and reflect on and see the differences between.
    So I guess what I'm saying is... STUDY ABROAD IN ROME OMFG (Sorry, Athens).
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  18. I'm planning to go to Madrid this summer - my grandfather loved the Prado and I want to see it and his other favorite places around Spain. Also, amazing food, architecture, SOCCER.
    Suggested by @ellenh
  19. Amsterdam, then everywhere.
    From Study Abroad there in one semester I went to Dublin, Galway, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Bruges
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  20. Ryanair
    The cheapest flights between European destinations!
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  21. I studied abroad in Florence and it was incredible!!! The city is beautiful and full of really amazing art/architecture, plus the food is obviously on point. It's big enough to make it easy to travel to other European cities while still being small enough to let you really get to know the city and create close connections with people and places.
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  22. Accra, Ghana
    To be fair it wasn't a study abroad. It was a semester working in a deaf school as a teacher. BUT I personally think that more Americans need to travel to less glamorous places like Ghana. The culture is rich, the food is amazing and the people are the most loving kind people I have ever met! I spent almost every night dancing at a new bar with my local friends. And I highly recommend workin with cute kids!
    Suggested by @beccavigoren
  23. If you go to France, don't go to Paris. Lille is a very good idea indeed. Nantes or Lyon are awesome too. You'll be between 1 or 2 hours by train of Paris, it's great big cities but cleaner and less stressful than Paris, plus seriously half less expensive in housing and food. London and Paris are the most expensive places in your list I think.
    Suggested by @solena
    Amazing food, amazing people, amazing scents, architecture, colors... you can study language or do research there in their universities and labs!!
    Suggested by @dariela96
  25. Cape Town, South Africa 🇿🇦
    I know you asked specifically about Europe, and there are some awesome places on this list (I adore Barcelona, particularly), but I would encourage you to also think about some non-European locations. I spent a semester in Cape Town, and it was amazing. Fascinating history, great arts scene, and beautiful surroundings. Also, English is one of the top languages and the vast majority of the people you encounter will speak it, even if it's not their first language. Proximity to Namibia as well.
    Suggested by @jenniferm
  26. Prague!!
    It's super cheap to live here, everyone speaks English, and it's right smack dab in the middle of Europe so it's easy and affordable to travel to other cities. As someone mentioned above, you COULD argue that Krakow is more beautiful, but Prague is a bigger city with more going on, like amazing concerts of big names for cheap!!! Ps if you're looking to go to the UK I'd recommend Edinburgh over London
    Suggested by @online