Inspired by @pili_ervin I'm still working on the rest of y'all.
  1. Go roller blading: @michael_circa91 and @lesleyann
    We'd have fun.
  2. Play Lazer tag: @brynelle
  3. Learn how to kick box with knives and then go to an art class right after: @olive
  4. Hold hands: @ShawnKelly
    Just in so many situation I'm too lucid to explain rn.
  5. Blazer shopping: @Nicholas
    I would also go turtle neck shopping with you.
  6. Burry a body: @amieshmamie
  7. Play poker: @justjills
  8. Civil war reenactment: @dfly
  9. Jimmy Fallon's box of lies: @bjnovak
  10. Mountain biking: @dev
  11. Archery class: @Grosstastic
  12. Ride a wild stallion in the Wild West into the sunset: @stevecady
  13. Hijack NPR and have our own show: @chriscady
  14. Jazzercise: @shanaz
  15. Fencing: @CoachK
  16. More fencing (and treasure hunting): @mackenzieo
  17. Be in a coven: @mirthnuts
  18. Steal priceless art: @drugs
  19. Eat a $500 meal at a 5 star restaurant: @dustinboone
  20. Be on a game show: @jakebrandman
  21. Form a bling ring squad a la Emma Watson: @k8mcgarry
  22. Run a corporate business: @torihyndman
  23. Run a cute hipstery bakery: @brimattia
  24. Make a podcast also eat at Waffle House at 2:30 in the morning: @kaitlynvella
  25. Walk a lot of dogs: @lexie_elyse
  26. Go to an exotic island: @gremlin