Let the annual Oscar bets commence!
  1. Best Picture: The Revenant
    Nominated: Bridge of Spies, Mad Max, The Revenant, Spotlight, The Martian, The Big Short, Room, Brooklyn. (If The Big Short wins I'll shit a brick.)
  2. Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
    Nominated: Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Redmayne, Michael Fassbender, Bryan Cranston, Matt Damon. (Michael Fassbender will try to steal Leo's glory UGH.)
  3. Best Actress: Brie Larson
    Nominated: Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett, Saoirse Ronan, Brie Larson, Charlotte Rampling. (Ugh Cate Blanchett will probably come OUTA NO WHERE.)
  4. Best Director: Is it too much to hope that Alejandro González Iñárritu will come in for the win again?
    Nominated: George Miller, Adam McKay, Linny Abrahamson, Tom McCarthy, Alejandro González Iiñárritu.
  5. Best Supporting Actor: ooooooo man I want it to be Tom Hardy so bad but it probably won't be UGH.
    Nominated: Tome Hardy, Christian Bale, Mark Rylance, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Ruffalo (I really don't know with this one.)
  6. Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander COMMIN IN HOT. (But ugh Kate Winslet won a lot for Steve Jobs but ughhhhidontreallycareabputthatmovieatalllllllll)
    Nominated: Rachel McAdams, Rooney Mara, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kate Winslet, Alicia Vikander
  7. Aaaaaaaaand the other categories are to be determined....