The Shit Show That Is Once Upon A Time

And I love every second of it. SPOILERZ OBVIOUSLY but I mean everyone has seen once upon a time so why even warn ya HAHAHAHAHAHA *smashes all the plates against walls*
  1. This is Henry
    God I hate this kid.
  2. This is Henry's biological mom, Emma.
  3. These are Henry's Grandparent's and Emma's parents, Prince Charming and Snow White.
  4. This is "Neal", Henry's biological father
  5. This is "Neal's" father, Rumplestiltskin
  6. Stay with me.
  7. This is Neal's Grandfather and Rumplestiltskin's Father, PETER. FUCKING. PAN.
    Lolololol. And he's evil.
  8. okay so now we got the basics.
  9. Now let's get complicated.
  10. Everyone, meet Regina. The Evil Queen.
    Henry's adoptive mother. And Step Great Grandmother. And possible half aunt. All at the same time. LOL.
  11. Right now Henry is trapped inside his great grandfather Peter Pan's body surrounded by his grandfather Prince Charming, his other Grandfather Rumplestilskin, and his adoptive mother/step great grandmother/ half aunt.
    This show is truly a blessing y'all.
  12. If your lost this should def clear stuff up.
  13. But basically this is all you really need to know.