1. There you were, absolutely crushing it on all forms of social media on your phone. You were just about to bless someone with a ❤️ on Instagram...
  2. When all the sudden, a real life person feels like having a conversation with you, and so you put your phone down because they decided to sit down on the couch with you and actually engage?
  3. However, because of the lack of real life social skills and tact, the conversation takes a turn for the worse and does not last long.
  4. Whatever. You go to reach for your phone.
  5. But it's not. There.
  6. It's not in your pocket.
  7. It's not on the couch.
  8. You can't find it anywhere. WHERE IS YOU PREC- I MEAN PHOOOOOOOONE?!?!!?
  9. It's been a full 2 minutes. You've already killed your roommate and taken her phone because you can't go two seconds without checking List App.
  10. "The phone is mine, Sam." you say to your roommate as you try to guess her password for the 35th time. She then asks you who is Sam.
  11. But then you hear something buzz.
  12. And then you decide to check one more time in the dirty ass cracks of the couch you were sitting on.
  13. You find your PREC-I mean PHONE! It was in the couch the whole time!
  14. You open @list and write a fire list about how you just lost your phone. And everything is right in the world.