Ok perhaps this needs more explanation, thank you @k8mcgarry
  1. My mom and my aunt took my 6 siblings and 5 cousins on a road trip from Georgia to Canada
  2. I peed my pants in my aunts van at least 5 times
    She wouldn't pull over for shit. Literally.
  3. We made it to Canada
  4. We camped near that one place where Ann of Green Gables was made
    Excuuuuuuuse me, "Anne" with an "e"
  5. We were going to go out and visit some historical place Bc my mom and aunt are educational MANIACS
  6. They left me in the camp ground bathrooms
  7. My mom said "OH SHIT"
  8. They came back and got me
  9. All was well
  10. I peed my pants in my aunts van again
  11. She made a joke saying that they probably should have left me on the toilet
  12. I refused to talk to my aunt ever again