1. Hugging ma MAHM
  2. Getting hugged BY MA MAHM
    Not to be confused with hugging my MAHM.
  3. Connecting movies together by actors
    Kinda like the degrees of Kevin bacon but without K Bacon. I'm rul good at this.
  4. Watching all the movies
    All. Of. Them.
  5. ATTACK HUGGING MY SISTER @katiemurphy
    She's always like "personal space" and "stop" and "STOP" and "I don't like it" blah blah blah. She knows she loves it SHE JUST HASNT ACCEPTED IT.
  6. When my mom buys me Bri Cheese
    I freak out
  7. Pink, Britney, and Beyonce's pepsi commercial
  8. My blanket
  9. Dancing with MA MAHM
    She tries to teach me how to ballroom dance and it does not work.
  10. Sleeping.