Things I Am Not Okay With

  1. My dog just got up from her sleep and just stared at the corner ceiling. I am not okay with this.
  2. My mom has a picture of Saint Theresa in her room and her eyes follow you wherever you go.
    We're cool and everything but no thank you T. I'm goooooooood. Girl bye.
  3. My dad has an antique painting titled "Trail of Tears" and it's very dark but you can just make out this Native American old woman crying in absolute agony. I told him there's no way in hell there's not a spirit in that thing so he put it down stairs and propped it facing the wall.
  4. I went down there today and was just chillin when all the sudden it just falls smack dab over of its own accord and the face is looking right at me. I actually said "oh fuck this" out loud before running upstairs.
    No good bye no thank you goodbye.
  5. This
    They literally need to get out of my face before I absolutely burn this world to hell.
  6. ...