1. My box of marbles
    While other girls had Barbies - I had a box of marbles. I don't know why, I just liked them. There were Lord marbles and Servant marbles. 7 year old me was a fucked up Dictator of the marble box society. See TOP 10 THINGS MY SISTER HAS TOLD ME EVER
  2. My Hillary Duff "A Cinderella Story" C.D.
    Once a bratty person saw it and was like Ha! And I was like LOL I KNOW RIGHT?! I GOT IT IRONICALLY!! HAHAHA. (Went back later, held it in my arms and sobbed.)
  3. My framed picture of Donald Sutherland
    Ok so a lot of people don't get this one. He was in a movie called "Kelly's Heroes" with Clint Eastwood and the character he played is basically my hero and role model. But I have to act like its weird because PEOPLE JUST DONT GET IT.
  4. A box of lil Debbies
    You better believe I dug those suckers out the MOMENT those judgmental health freaks got outa my house.
  5. Narnia 2
    I through it angrily in the trash. I violently cried for hours. Then I got up slowly, and dug it out. Because even though it physically and emotionally attacked me, there's no denying it was a quality movie.