Things I Like To Glance At From Afar

  1. The musical "Hamilton"
    Like the sun, I feel like it's dangerous to stare directly at Hamilton. I definitely have the capacity to become "one of those" Hamilton people, and that's what scares me you guys.
  2. Felicity Jones
    I'm treading lightly around this one you guys. Idk why....but it just feels right at the moment...
  3. The new X Men movie
    My expectance of seeing this movie and it being totally blasé is predictable....a little toooooo predictable. Veeeee shall seeeee about this one...
  4. Red grapes
    Look, I'm coming. Just give me time. The transition from green is not easy.
  5. The new "Preacher" show on AMC
    Are you gonna hurt me? We'll see...
  6. Whenever my phone rings unexpectedly at any normal hour in the day.
    But like do I pick up?
  7. Sebastian Stan
    Again, sun staring complex. I know what I'm capable of you guys. I know I could go dangerously too deep here. If you don't get it, you don't get it.
  8. My life choices
    But like what am I doing?