1. People going on "mission trips" to "help the poor" because it's "rewarding".
    I get that some organizations actually do help out a lot and are really great! But in my experience, the people that sign up to do them are just looking for a vacation and an Instagram post with a local adorable child they feel is underprivileged. Even though their heart is in the right place, they seem to be more about using these people to make themselves feel good than actually doing something to help these people. It's undignifying. At least that's my experience. I could be wrong though...
  2. Excessiveness
    I get that some people own multiple houses. But recently I met this girl whose family owned like 5 different houses and they were all huge and there was just so much expensive shit in it. She was not phased by this at all as it was just something she grew up with. I, on the other hand, just felt a little sick to my stomach for some reason. Like I think it was just toooooooo much material stuffffff and it made me queazy/uncomfortable AF. But the girl is really chill tho.
  3. The animals they keep in PetSmart
    I'm not an animal person. But recently I went into PetSmart to get fish food with a friend and I saw the bunny/gerbil/bird cages on shelves and under florescent lights and kind of got a little sick. Like why is that legal.
  4. Parents who try to "reason" with their kids when they are being little shits.
    I promise you that talking to your 2 year old and asking her to please be quiet and then totally giving up and letting the 2 year old do whatever the fuck she wants, will👏not👏work👏. You are not helping your kid by letting them be punk ass brats.
  5. The cost of living places
    This is bullshit. I want one of those sustainable cubbies that I can live in fo free. No one told me this would be such bullshit.
  6. Condescending tones
    Hmmmmm yeah fuck evennnnn the fuck off. Byeeeeeee.