I've been flicking off the tv for about 5 episodes now.
  1. Oh fuck this.
  2. Oh fuuuuuuuuck this.
  3. I'm gonna be sick.
  4. These people are evil fuckers.
  5. They are going to hell.
  6. Omg AGAIN?
  7. Oh these fuckers.
  8. This creep.
  9. Is this lawyer the only sane one.
  10. What the fuck with the nephew?
  11. Manipulative bitches are fucking messing with the nephew.
  12. Oh this bitch.
  13. This bitch.
  14. Hey maybe we're all just biased and Netflix is making us think certain people are innocent and then their GONNA drop kick us in the stomach and be like HA THEYRE ACTUALLY GUILTY and be like THATS THE POWER OF BIAS BITCHES and then Netflix does a mic drop and then swirls its cape and disappears.
    Only to reappear at the golden globes on center stage and steal allllllll da globes.
  15. Ugh these people actually believe what they are saying and it scares the shit out of me.
  16. This guys voice is creepy and he's a creep and is going to hell.
  17. These people. Are going. To hell.
  18. Mother.
  19. Fuck.
  20. Ers.