1. I need to realize that the things that I think are hilarious, are very serious to some people, and that not everything is a bit.
  2. Literally got into a situation today where I thought I was doing a bit with this girl about inner clocks, the benefits of grape fruits for the skin, very calculated sleeping schedules, and the pros and cons of different bottled waters.
  3. In my defense she had this valley girl voice that I thought was impossible for someone to actually have in real life.
  4. But after a good 3 minutes I was kinda thinking to myself that this bit was lasting a littttttle too long.
  5. Turns out that was her real accent and she was totally serious about what she was saying.
  6. By the time I realized this, I was too far gone in this one sided bit to pull out now and look like a total biiiiiiiotch.
  7. So basically this was me and her.
  8. Turns out she was really nice. I just will never be able to talk to her again with my normal voice.