Aka into @katiemurphy 's ear (For you raging type A people, here you go you filthy animals THINGS I WANNA WHISPER INTO A TYPE 'B' PERSON'S EAR BEFORE I GO ALL CERSEI ON THEIR ASS)
  1. "I was the one who opened a whole new jar of peanut butter even though there were two other ones already opened."
  2. "I mixed my colors in with your whites."
  3. "I currently have 24 tabs open on my computer right now."
  4. "I'm gonna ignore all you're plans you've tried to make for this brunch date and tell you I'll just wing it and let you know when to meet 15 minutes before we meet."
  5. "I'm gonna text you at 3 am because I'm still up and I know you are asleep because you're a nerd and went to bed at 9 pm."
  6. "I ate the last of the lil Debbies and just left the empty box in the pantry for you to pick up."
  7. "FUQ yo binder organizational tabs."
  8. "I purposely left my blinker on for a whole 4 minutes longer than necessary because I knew you were behind me."
  9. "I am going. To destroy. Your bathroom counter. With all my makeup shit."
  10. "I'm gonna make myself into a burrito with your perfectly made bed."
  11. "I'm gonna go so far as to even clean my sheets in the laundry, but then I'm not even gonna make my bed for weeks."
  12. "I used up all the data on the family plan and then told dad you were the one using it all."
  13. I'm going to sleep with all this dirty laundry on my bed.
    Suggested by   @chrisgill
  14. I am going to let this dog sh*t anywhere in the yard purposely when your gone and not in spot 327c as designated by your highness and his friends are coming over as well.
    Suggested by   @notme
  15. I just un-mated all your socks and left them as singles in your underwear drawer.
    Suggested by   @d3j2caliman
  16. I just loaded and ran the dishwasher before you had a chance to see if it was loaded "correctly"
    Suggested by   @jest
  17. Yup, I'm going to leave my dirty dished piled up neatly ON the dishwasher, but not IN the dishwasher (even though the dishwasher is empty). That ok?
    Suggested by   @betsyb