Ya girl and @joemurphy are finally in the same proximity ✌️
  1. "Oh my gosh. 2003 Peter Pan, AMMIRITE?"
  2. "I feel like we are Bruce Wayne's parents."
    As we walk down this creepy ally all by ourselves. (We didn't die.)
  3. "We can watch Avatar?"
  4. "Can you imagine Hillary Clinton being like 'take this shot you BETCH.'?"
  5. Update: he is currently singing "making my way downtown."
    But so am I.
  6. "They leave the music on when we leave so the dog gets smarter."
    Upon walking back into our Aunt's empty house to find classical music playing.
  7. "Now everything you do is the first of 2016...first drink....first pewp...."
  8. We are now watching The Hunchback of Notre DAMN as our first movie of 2016 ✌️