1. My face. My face just will not today.
    *looks intensely into mirror* *closes eyes real tight* *tries* *looks back into mirror* "Nope. Face just won't. Oh well. "
  2. My T.A. She will not today as well.
    Sorry we didn't say good morning with the enthusiasm you were hoping for at 7:30 in the morning. #sideeye
  3. My tolerance for my T.A. It will not today.
    My TA says "um" every other word and all I can hear is her saying ummmm. Don't feel bad for her though because she's v passive aggressive and done wronged me on a quiz once.
  4. My shoes in this torrential rain will not today.
    Soggy. Ass. Socks.
  5. My drive to do anything remotely productive.