1. A gorilla
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    Oh. My. God. I would die. I would roll up in a ball, silently sob, then die.
  2. Uruk Hai
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    I'd shit my pants. My pants would be shat in.
  3. Like no
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    That kid has probably been traumatized for life.
  4. The thing from spirited away
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    No. Because. Fuck. That. No. Just no.
  5. 1999 Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter
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  6. A Mad German Shepard
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    Oh my god. Oh my god I'm shitting myself just looking at this. Oh my gosh.
  7. Owl from The Secret of Nimh
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    Like no.
  8. Meth Bilbo
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    Like shit.
  9. Did I say a gorilla?
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    💩👉👖. Like for real, these things are not to be fucked with.