Thoughts Of A Weak Bladdered Toddler Mary

TMI, but like whatever.
  1. Oh no.
  2. Oh god. Oh god no. No god. God no. It happened again.
  3. Think Mary. Think. How do we tell mom that we peed our pants again for the 4th time in a row today. Oh god she's going to be so mad. Everyone was looking forward to this civil war reenactment and now we're gonna have to go back to the van to change oh god Mary what have you done.
  4. I mean in all fairness it IS Jeannine's fault for giving us wayyyyyy too much juice.
    Also I think she kinda deserves to do some penance for putting a visor on top of a bucket hat I mean geez like I wasn't pale enough.
  5. Okay just play it cool. Just walk behind everyone else so they don't see how wet your pants are. They'll never know.
  6. Just play it cool Mary. Mom doesn't have to know. Just act natural and try not to think about how uncomfortable this is.
  7. Oh my god this is so uncomfortable.
    Oh man but if you tell her that means you'll never get a Caprisun ever again Mary. You know what Jeannine is capable of...
  8. Oh man. I don't know if I can do this. Oh god I might tell mom. I'm gonna tell mom. Oh man. Shit.
  9. Oh god she's so mad. She wants to know Why I didn't tell her I had to go to the bathroom? She wants to know when did this happened???
  10. Idk mom maybe it was when I told you I needed to go to the bathroom right before we went to NIAGRA FREAKING FALLS.
  11. Maybe THATS WHEN, MOM.
    In fact that's EXACTLY WHEN, MOM.
  12. This is such bullshit. Why am I in time out. It's not like I can control my bladder.
  13. But like Happy Mother's Day n shit. Thanks for giving me your genetics of judgmental looks and a tiny bladder.