1. Oh man.
  2. Oh man. I don't know if I can take this.
  3. Oh man that kid's rap.
  4. Oh man.
  5. Fuuuuuck.
  6. Ugh
  7. The emotions are everywhere
  8. Oh man. What is life.
  9. What the hell with shitty parents.
  10. Woah so much rage.
  11. Fuck who wrote this?
  12. Shit man.
  13. My facial expression while watching this movie has not changed the whole time.
  14. Ugh I feel like this movie is gonna be a real indie jackass of a movie and not give me a happy movie.
  15. Man I don't know shit.
  16. Were people not crying the whole time while watching this?
  17. Ughhhhhh
  18. Okay a good thing just happened so that means a depressing thing is about to happen.
  19. They show the thumb thing on purpose. Or whatever.
  20. Oh fuck this therapist supervisor guy.
  21. Oh he does not know shit.
  22. Oh my gosh I'm so mad.
  23. This is exhausting.
  24. Oh come on.
  25. This hurts.
  26. Okay. Okay everyone just needs a smack in the face and then a quick hug.
  27. Grace you just need to be dosed in some ice cold water and then smacked in the face and then hugged.
  28. Everyone just needs to drink some water.
  29. I just feel like everyone needs to drink some fucking water.
  30. Oh my god I'm crying at the baby part.
  31. Welp. That was a nicely done movie.
  32. I respect the people that do this in real life.
  33. Shit.