Thoughts While Watching The Season 7 Premier Of The Walking Dead

SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY. Also this, like most of my lists, is FRAUGHT with VULGAR LANGUAGE. Even I shocked myself, so here's the PG-13 version. But holy FACK I'm *VOMITING*.
  1. I started genuinely excited.
  2. So young. So naive.
  3. Others tried to warn me.
  4. But I wouldn't listen.
  5. I thought I saw the worst of it. I thought I was in the clear.
  6. But I knew. I always knew.
  7. Blasphemy was apleanty this October night.
  8. Feelings where felt.
  9. Lots of feelings.
  10. Like. Too many feelings.
  11. Weird coping mechanisms were put in place. I'm not proud of them.
  12. ...
  13. ...
  14. I wasn't ready.
  15. For.
  16. This.
  17. Jelly.
  18. I would say well played, TWD.
  19. But I can't.
  20. Because I'm actually throwing up and honestly this episode made me *uncomfortable*.
  21. And I get it. Some of you are like @joemurphy
  22. But honestly...