Let's just say I was a vengeful child.
  1. When I was minding my OWN BUSINESS watching tv downstairs and my older sister said she wanted to watch something else. I wouldn't give her the remote so she took a glass of milk and splashed it all over my face.
    I was. Flabber. Gasted. I was like 9 and just sat there looking up at her in shock. Then all hell let loose and I ran up stairs and woke up my mom and for SOME DAMN REASON my mom didn't even care AND THERE WAS NO JUSTICE. I was double gone girled that day. So. Much. Rage.
  2. When my siblings and I were homeschooled and all the sudden police showed up at our door. Someone had accidentally called 911. I got blamed because I was the only one by myself and didn't have an alibi.
    My two ASSHATS of older brothers were downstairs and FUCKIN @joemurphy was playing around with the phone. When we were being questioned HE WAS SILENT AND LET ME TAKE THE FALL. Even my parents didn't believe me when I said I didn't do it. I ended up rage crying like a friggin demon and even they were like okay damn calm down. @joemurphy gone girled me good.
  3. When I stabbed @joemurphy with a pencil.
    Gone Girler done got Gone Girled.
  4. When @joemurphy RATTED ME OUT to our parents one summer when they called home and asked where I was AND SOMEONE COULD NOT PLAY IT COOL AND COVER FOR ME.
  5. When I accidentally ratted @joemurphy our after calling home my freshman year in high school when he forgot to pick me up from of football game and left me all by myself.
    My dad was peeeeeeeeeisssssed. Thaaaaat was a fun night.
  6. When my other older brother mixed together all my playdoh and it turned all gross and brown.
    I was like 3 and still remember this.
  7. When one time in high-school a girl said I stole something that I did not steal.
    To which I and the teachers were like bitch please.
  8. When that Tarzan trailer came out.
  9. When I was 10 and woke up at 6 am in the morning, crept downstairs, put my hands in the freezer for a solid minute, went inside my sister's room where she was sleeping, then grabbed her feet with my cold icey fingers.
    Tbh I don't even fucking know. I don't know how I came out of that alive.
  10. When I painted my lil sisters nails while she slept.
  11. When I was 9 and cheated on a test and cried because I felt so guilty but instead of getting in trouble, my mom was super concerned and didn't understand why I was so upset so she was really nice to me and said I didn't have to do some school work that day. TO WHICH I I JUST SOBBED MORE.
    I think we were both Gone Girled here.
  12. When my dad had to homeschool us for two weeks and we basically tricked him and got away with not doing half as much as we did with mom.
    Oh but did we pay for that.
  13. When I watched Dirty Dancing and then right after found out Patrick Swayze had been dead for a while.