(👆yeah I made that beotch an action) Disclaimer: I have seen this movie once when I was two. So this interpretation might be totally off. 💁.
  1. When I got my paper that I stayed up till 4 am writing back and the grade wasn't a complete disaster.
  2. When I was feeling real shitty one time but then miraculously I got a package in the mail from my mom filled with all my favorite shit.
  3. When I finally accepted myself and the amount of Honey Buns I consumed all at once
  4. When I realized that while I recognize it, I really couldn't care less about T-Swift's Squad.
  5. Whenever I eat Cheese.
  6. When I finally got my family to watch Peaky Blinders after a months of telling them to. And then they feckin loved it.
  7. When I thought I ran out of toilet paper but there was actually another roll in the corner.
    Tbh I think I bonded with that roll in that time of crisis.
  8. When sometimes things just miraculously work out against all odds.