Times I've Called Bullshit

  1. When Urban outfitter tried to sell me this peice of wood for $999
  2. When literally alllllllll my sisters say they get car sick if they don't sit in the front so I have to sit in the back.
  3. When the Internet told me these people were the same age
  4. When the Internet told me these people were the same age
    Why you always lyyyyyyyin, Internet? #shitofthemalecow
  5. When this person tells me that they already have an internship lined up for next summer AND they're going on two study abroads AND they have no loans AND they have enough room in their schedule to double major
  6. When my landlord to my new house this year took us on a tour and said there were no pest or anything in the house literally at the same time I'm staring at a mouse trap.
  7. When someone tells me that they're going on their "may-cation" throughout Europe and that no, their company doesn't care that they do this EVERY year for the past FOUR years with no consequences.
    Suggested by   @e
  8. When people tell me "I don't have time to floss because blah blah blah.." Bullshit! I have heard them all. Unless you have two broken arms, IT TAKES 30 SECONDS.
    Suggested by   @cvlop61