Inspired by @joemurphy
  1. In a car at the stroke of Midnight and Anastasia's "Once Upon A December" comes on.
    I'm not saying that there's a tangible magic that happens in that moment, butttttttt I am saying there actually is and don't fuck with me while it's happening because honestly even I'm a little scared of the power within me when I sing that song accompanied by dance moves.
  2. Taking it to far and pranking/lying to my mom and making her believe she's crazy. Like that one time I pretended I didn't see a person she had exchanged waves with across the street and I was just like "Mom...who are you waving I'm not being funny!...who were you waving at, there's no one there..."
    I need to stop doing this. But I'm just. SO. GOOD AT IT.
  3. When I'm playing badminton against my brothers and right before I serve I point behind them and say "Oh my gosh! Mom what are you doing!" And make them look every singggggggle time right before I serve it, get the point, and laugh like an insane person.
  4. When I play scrabble against my eldest brother.
  5. (Follow up - when my eldest brother hits me right back)
  6. When I beat @joemurphy in chess.
  7. When I'm in a car for 3 hours with @joemurphy and I get to explain every season of Supernatural.
  8. When I'm sitting around the campfire with all my brothers and my dad and they actually listen to me for like a full 45 minutes as I try to explain 11 years worth of Supernatural.
  9. When Enya comes on.
  10. When I dance up and down and around my mom to film score music while she try's to clean dishes and clean the kitchen after dinner.
  11. When I'm with my extended family and we're all dancing because we👏are👏good👏fucking👏dancers👏.
  12. When I only have a first name to go off of to find and creep on a person on all platforms of social media.
    The CIA should honestly hire me.
  13. When I'm sipping a coke slushy through a self made twizzler straw while watching a 2 hour American Ninja Warrior YouTube video.
  14. When I have a bendy tape measurer, a bunch of empty paper toilet rolls, a funnel, a circular Tupperware top, a box, and a shit ton of marbles.
  15. When I have to pee but there isn't a bathroom in sight and I make it my life's mission to find one. Like I make promises to God when this happens you guys.
  16. When I have to silently maneuver across the sea of creaky wooden floors and stairs in order to scare my mom.
  17. When I get really dyslexic and say the most batshit crazy sentences. I'm more amazed that my brain can do that without me noticing than I am embarrassed by it.
  18. At 3am.