Types Of People That Unnerve Me

  1. Competitive horse girls
    Do not even try to tell me that they don't want blood. Because that girl is out to get blood.
  2. Apple Retailers
    UuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH DONT GET ANY CLOSER! *runs away from store employee that's literally at the exact opposite side of the store 50 feet away from me.*
  3. Radio Talk Show Hosts
    Good god. Out of alllll the media out there, radio show hosts are the worrrrrrrrrrrrst and they make me PHYSICALLY CRINGE. Like have you ever seeeeeen the radio interview with Ariana Grande where the guy is being supppppper inappropriate and she's just like ummmmm what......
  4. The "Cadys"
    IF YOU SEE THESE BEINGS, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE CONTACT. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY AND STAY ON THE LINE AND I WILL COME TO YOU WITH MY ALIEN/TWIN NET CATCHER. (You know, like the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as it were.) Thats right @chriscady @stevecady , this is me putting out an APB for yo Alien asses.
  5. People who want to connect with me on LinkedIn
  6. Any human that comfortably makes direct eye contact with a stranger
    Cab driver, receptionist, nurse
    Suggested by   @yellowbrickfly
  7. Little kids who order milkshakes
    I work at an ice cream store, and nothing makes me quite as angry as you encouraging your small kid to order a 20oz milkshake that they'll never drink/finish and that will take me 5 minutes to make
    Suggested by   @kaelin_dodge
  8. Any grown Women who dresses up like and pretends to be a pony.
    Suggested by   @gnarshiptrooper
  9. People who don't like dogs
    Suggested by   @smallthings