We Don't *Need* To Talk About This, But We *Do* Need To Talk About This

How has buzzfeed not made this a thing yet...
  1. So while all yall have been drooooooling over swimming and gymnastics,
  2. I've been watching track and field events on a GOD KNOWS what Youtube channel because I could not tell you what language they are speaking.
  3. ANYWAY.
  4. Here I was watching the Ethiopians SLAYYYYYYYYY.
  5. When all the sudden,
  6. This dude shows up on the screen
  7. And it's like whatever - not a big deal - I get it he's about to do some high jumps. NEXT.
  9. He turns. His face.
  10. You guys.
  11. I'm stressing out
  12. But not too much
  13. Because I don't want to give him and whatever the hell his shtick is, the satisfaction.
    Cuz you KNOW he must be an attention whore.
  14. Anyway his name is Gianmarco Tamberi and here are some more pics. EVERYONE BE COOL.
  15. ....
  16. ...I wanna know more but I don't wanna seem interested...
  17. Huh...
  18. ...uhuhhhhhh...
  19. ...I only hate this a little bit because it doesn't even deserve the full glory of my full hatred...
  20. Well I don't like this.
  21. You guys I don't know where I'm at rn.
  22. What is happening?
    Don't tell me. But like tell me.