(Inspired by personal experience)
  1. "Okayyyy everyone all packed? Everyone got their tooth brush? Everyone go to the bathroom?"
  2. "@lesleyann got your retainer?"
  3. "@k8mcgarry don't forget the shampoo. You're not using mine again."
  4. "@biz got the directions printed out just in case? ...a map you say? You genius."
  5. "@michael_circa91 I swear to god if you don't go to the bathroom right now..."
  6. "Alright Gang the vans gettin pretty full so we're gonna have to double buckle! Sound fun?!"
  7. "So yeah that means you @lesbian and @saytrumbo are double buckling. And I swear. To. God. If there is any fighting I WILL PULL THIS VAN OVER."
  8. "Alright. Everyone in."
  9. "Last chance to pee..."
  10. "@dfly you good? Already went? Great."
  11. "@michael_circa91 yeah that's what I thought go use the damn bathroom."
  12. "Alrightttttttt! Everyone buckled up?? No @dustinboone its 7 am. you don't get the juice box till lunch."
  13. "Everyone just go to sleep. We got a long ride ahead of us before we reach the Gettysburg civil war reenactment."
  14. "No we are not stopping at Wendy's for lunch @jakebrandman , whaddya think money grows on damn trees in this van?? This ain't no magic school bus."
  15. "We got raisin bagels and apples in the back YOULL ALL BE FINE quit whining."
  16. "We literally have 7 hrs till the half way point. Go. To. Sleep."
  17. "@Fitz NO. NO. NYYYYOOO. You listen to me RIGHT NOW. If you ever. Start to sing. 99 bottles of beer. On the damn wall. In this van. Ever again. I swear we will turn around this INSTANT and you'll never see General Robert E. Lee storm those bloody battlefield hills of Gettysburg."
  18. "@k8mcgarry can we just go to the beach? What kind of question is that? You guys all wanna go see the reenactment right? ....right?"
  19. "..."
  21. (to be continued...)