For those of you who aren't, how you say, Cáthølìc', (it's just Catholic, you can just say Catholic) Ash Wednesday is tomorrow which means LENT IS BOUT TA GET ALL UP IN YO BIDNAZZZZZ. Time to give up some shit yall.
  1. So Ash Wednesday, we meet again...
    *me fending off a priest from giving me the big blob of ashes because FOR SOME REASON, I always get the priest who does a big giant shhhhmear of ashes instead of a nice lil cross.*
  2. JAYKAY I'm kewl with ashes now. My days of kicking priests to avoid getting ashes on my lily white skin are OVER, I promise.
  3. So now I guess I better give up something for lent... .... .... .
  4. I could give up social media...
  5. I could give up eating an excessive amount of snacks everyday.
  6. I could give up live tweeting awards shows?
    Lol #nah.
  7. My mom always gives up making pancakes on Saturday which means we always gave up pancakes on Saturday.
  8. I could give up my 8 TV shows that I'm watching at the moment...
  9. I just don't know.
  10. It doesn't matter BECAUSE TODAY IS PANCAKE TUESDAY!!!!!
    And Ima eat alllll da pancakes.