Are you an under appreciated badass who is the glue that holds the family together and also has no time for other's shit?
  1. You constantly judge people for their stupidity.
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  2. You're a mediator that tries to keep everyone calm and in harmony...
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  3. ...but always gets shut down by punk ass bitch siblings.
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  4. But in the end you're the one who always makes sure you're on good terms with your siblings even though they were the ones being punk ass bitchezzzzz.
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  5. Your older siblings never appreciate your wisdom.
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  6. And you always have to argue with them because you know you're right and they're just being assholes.
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  7. You keep everyone in check when they're about to do some stupid shit for not so logical reasons.
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  8. But when they don't listen, you still get dragged into the stupid shit they do anyhow.
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  9. You're also super competitive with your siblings and all though your little sister might be way cooler and everyone loves her more than you FOR SOME GADDAMN REASON you're chill with it because you got both got your own thang.
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  10. You're an under appreciated bad ass
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  11. That can fight just as well as the boys.
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  12. You attract buhabes that respect your bad assery and are secure enough in their masculinity to be taught how to do things better by a girrrrrrlllll.
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  13. You usually let you're older siblings take the lead while you shout things from behind
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  14. But when it comes down to it, you're protective AF over your siblings.
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  15. You're not afraid to ask for help when you need it.
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  16. All da boiz are literally obsessed with you all the time.
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  17. People might think you're a kill joy sometimes, but you have just as much wanderlust as the rest of 'em.
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  18. You're basically a Ravenclaw.
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  19. You're also a feckin Kweeeeeeeeennnnnn of erthang.
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  20. So never be ashamed of being the Susan of the family.
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  21. 'Cause she a bad ass mufuqa that don't take nobody's shit.
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  22. *me being the Susan of the squad*
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    Which means @joemurphy is the Edmund SO HA.