Congratulations Nicholas! I was on a bus to work and missed my stop because I was writing this! Now I'm walking in shame but I'll be daaaaamned if I don't look business casual as hellllll.
  1. "Literally, Mary. You're in the front row. Why." - Kimberly, 3rd Year, fake friend.
  2. "Maybe...maybe like don't be so obvious and extend your arms to their full extent like you're a far sighted mom trying to take pictures on her iphone at her daughter's first prom?" - Ian, 3rd Year, a nice boy.
  3. "Why is she taking pictures in snap chat and then saving them? Why doesn't she just use her camera?" BECAUSE, STEPHEN, MY PHONE SAYS IT DOESNT HAVE ANYMORE STORAGE AND THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO BYPASS THE SYSTEM. YOU ASS. - Stephen, 4th Year, probably a really nice person.
  4. "I wonder is she's the social media person for this class? She seems cool!" Heather, 1st Year, Sweet girl.
  5. "How does she not feel that laser beam glare from our professor that's clearly burning a hole through her soul and grade in this class?" - Jacklyn, 2nd Year, perpetually 2nd hand embarrassed
  6. " this her trying to be sneaky?" - Megan, Professor, sick of this shit.