I'm basically a psychic. Most of you were criminals. (Will be adding on to this. If you would like to know who you were leave a comment 🌚😎✌️.)
  1. @michael_circa91 you were a circus boy in the late 1800s. You lived an adventurous life and witnessed tons of murders that are still a mystery to this day. You traveled from town to town with your circus fam and got to see the world. You were a really good juggler and wearer of fancy pants.
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    When you were a boy you saw Robert P and Reese Witherspoon do their whole drama with the elephant and the whole time you were just rolling your eyes.
  2. @mackenzieo you were a 13 year old kid in the late 60s. You were the unsuspecting mastermind of a troupe of Girl Scouts who would knock on doors and rob all the rich people of Minneapolis. They called you 7th House Amy. Because at the 7th house, you'd leave a grenade that would blow up as you walked away like a badass with your red wagon of cookies
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    The grenade was your signature. That's how the police new it was 7th House Amy and the Troupe. In the end you got too ambitious and tried to expand your organized crime but were then killed in a deathly shootout when you crossed into Polly's Lemonade Stand Territory.
  3. @k8mcgarry you were a Lounge Singer in the 1940s. But you weren't just some doll that could sing a tune seeeee. Nah you were also a spy during the war! Once, your cover was blown in Nazi territory so you escaped and hijacked a fighter jet. But then you crash landed in the mountains of Switzerland where you then formed another identity.
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    You started a new life and became a successful billion heir. You found yourself a beau who was also a spy and who was trying to bring you in but he fell madly in love with you and ever since then you both fell off the face of the earth where no government can find you.
  4. @chriscady you were a page boy from the Medieval times. Your uncle was a Lord so you had to follow his fat ass everywhere much to your chagrin. You would literally get smacked in the head countless times in a day for the amount of eye rolling and sarcastic remarks. You died 3 weeks after you cut yourself after you tripped over the castle hound
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    You fell and were like "bitchhhhhh". But alas your knee got infected and the fever took you. But hey, no one fucked with you or your hair or your messenger hawk.
  5. @bjnovak you were a newsie boy in 1899 during the strikes. You participated in lots of dance numbers and sang songs of protest that were boisterous yet catchy. You and your child labor were the backbone of America until you died of Bronchitis and Alcohol at the ripe old age of 12.
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    They called you Johnny Pete.
  6. @kaymaldo you were a gypsy. You traveled around France a lot and told many fortunes. One time whilst journeying through Paris, you met a disfigured man who you did cool parkour stuff with on the cathedral of Notre Dam.
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    You also had a pet goat.
  7. @lesbian you were a bandit in the Wild West. You once had a family and a ranch with horses. But that all changed when Chester McCloyd and his gang got in a feud with yorn dadday. One night when you was just a gal, he came and burned the whole ranch down and you were the only one who survived. Ever since then you swore to avenge your family.
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    So you and your gal pal Sandy May (who you rescued from a whore house) took down the McCloyd Gang and then proceeded to rob rich people on trains. Once you had enough money, you finally bought back the family ranch and lived happily ever after UNTIL THA MALARIA GOTCHA.
  8. @Nicholas you were an old Russian lady in the 1930s. Every day you'd walk through 5 ft of snow to get to 8am mass. However you were also a great pick pocketer and would trade all your goods in the underground black market. You also took care of all the orphans.
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    People would always whisper that you knew what happened to the missing Romanov children, especially Anastasia. You neither confirmed or denied it. But it is said that on your last day, you wrote a very mysterious letter that was said to contain the location and name of the Romanov girl. However, the mail boy supposedly slipped and fell into some ice and the letter was lost forever. (OR WAS IT? *cue Nicholas Cage movie*)
  9. @joemurphy ummmm...well.....
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    You were one of Hilter's Youth. Sewwwww...
  10. @olive you were a pirate. But you weren't just any pirate. No. You were born in the Amazon Forrest because your parents were explorers. However you parents were captured and the Amazon women warriors found you all alone and raised you to be one of them.
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    But then they were all like you gotta cut your bewb off to be an official member of our women warrior tribe to which you were like nah so you ran to the coast and disguised yourself as a boy and went aboard a pirate ship crew. However there was a great battle and the captain abandoned ship but then you saved the day and the men made you their captain. Ever since then you sailed the 7 seas. People called you The Girl Pirate. They weren't that creative back then.
  11. @Fitz you were an old philosopher and inventor. One time you invented a game that was a combination of basketball, field hockey, and capture the flag. It was your masterpiece.
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    BUT everyone thought it was too complicated and would never play. You'd be like "c'monnnn you guyyyyyyyys" and they'd be all like "nahhhh" or "ehhh" or "we said NO" or "wait why don't we just play hockey?". And with each comment you would go more and more insane. As you got older and older, you lost hope. You would be seen staring out windows with a blank expression. On the day of your death, you gave the instructions of the game to a little boy who was passing by with a stick and hoop.
  12. @biz You were a Viking Warrior Woman. You sailed the seas and pillaged lands with your fellow Viking brethren who respected your fighting skills and feckin fresh as hell hair. Your name was Lahtvikka the shield maiden.
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    And you did not need no man. But on your off days when you weren't literally slaying, you liked to go on group activities like Viking book club or "skin your own bear" classes. You were also a very good dancer. Just cuz.