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    Blegh. Uneven cheeks. Oh Spanish. Welp he's gonna be the real Trouble probs
  2. Kenny MY TOP 4?
    Professional wrestler noooo. Oh wait he has a daughter yesssss. Wait I love. Top 4? SUCH CUTE DANCE MOVES
  3. Josiah MY TOP 4?
    A professional man ok ok. 'He's a bad guy were gonna get him off the streets'. Top 4 defs. IM CRYING I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Great chemistry omg
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  1. bhcosmetics galaxy eye shadow palette
  1. Charlie
    For a girl so Charlotte????
  2. Manhattan
  3. Sophie /Sophia
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Aka my running commentary on all the girls
  1. Rachel: First impression rose, intro package, my top four
    Fantasy team joke to be #relatable same, FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE WOW NICE
  2. Vanessa: intro package
    nah, more foreign languages no thx, she has a nice confidence + Nick said she's a keeper, omg wait Jimmy Kimmel predicted her to be the final rose idk anymore, keeping an eye on her
  3. Raven: intro package
    southern....oh no, guns n Bible, I think I like her
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  1. City of Stars
  2. You'll Be Back
  3. Best of Wives Best of Women
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  1. Housewives-Helen Ellis
  2. Fine fine fine-Diane Williams
  3. The vegeterian-Han Kang
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  1. Write a journal entry once a week
  2. Keep track of my weight ((simply to entertain myself))
  3. Write in the one line a day journal every day !! Every single day !!
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  1. Ticket stub page
  2. Things I love abt CA
  1. Bethany hamilton movie/bethany hamilton on biggest loser
  2. 12/24: this too shall pass tattoo
  3. 12/26: tumblr video abt Jeb Bush turtles, podcast abt jebs turtles
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