Aka my running commentary on all the girls
  1. Rachel: First impression rose, intro package, my top four
    Fantasy team joke to be #relatable same, FIRST IMPRESSION ROSE WOW NICE
  2. Vanessa: intro package
    nah, more foreign languages no thx, she has a nice confidence + Nick said she's a keeper, omg wait Jimmy Kimmel predicted her to be the final rose idk anymore, keeping an eye on her
  3. Raven: intro package
    southern....oh no, guns n Bible, I think I like her
  4. Corinne: intro package
    gLAMorous, I wish I could like her but she's a rich white bitch, jk I hate her goodbye, A HUG TOKEN NO THANK YOU HARD HARD PASS, first kiss ugh, definite villain, no one has ever held my boobs like that.....no one ever will
  5. Danielle ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Lemons and lemonade....ehh you tried
  6. Olivia: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Eskimo kisses, love love her
  7. Lauren: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    LAW SCHOOL GRADUATE ME, disgusting slut omg, 'i just haven't met the right one' well duh if you'd met the right one you wouldn't be on the show lmao
  8. Briana: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Her laugh is so gross omg
  9. Angela: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Valley girl accent I think
  10. Ida Marie: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Trust fall cute
  11. Jasmine B: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
  12. Susannah: ELIMINATED WEEK 1
    Beard massage, more where that came from
  13. Hailey: ELIMINATED WEEK 2
    sounds like a mom, JK SHES NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR DED, 'nick is a very SEXUAL man
  14. Lacey: ELIMINATED WEEK 2
    Camel + he carried her, she good
  15. Elizabeth: ELIMINATED WEEK 2
    Weird dress
  16. Liz: intro package ELIMINATED WEEK 2
    SHE SAID NO TO NICKS PHONE NUMBER, help whats a doula, lol she slept with Nick me, love her being open abt that I will keep an eye on her I might like her, she said shes not here cause he's the bachelor but like........clearly she is what that sentence has no logic, CALLING HER OUT ON HER SHIT YES NICK RIGHT REASONS
  17. Dominique: ELIMINATED WEEK 3
    fourths time the charm wow didn't know that thanks, reminds me of thatsoraven girl lol
  18. Christen: ELIMINATED WEEK 3
    Like her yes, love the yellow dress
  19. Brittany: ELIMINATED WEEK 3
    v short but also cute
  20. Sarah: my top four ELIMINATED WEEK 4
    runner up that's cute, love her, loved the food, top four?
  21. Astrid: ELIMINATED WEEK 4
    talking in foreign languages isn't cute he literally can't understand you, her tattoo is what I might have wanted but not any more lol
  22. Alexis: intro package ELIMINATED WEEK 5
    omg Jade dat you? Lmao never mind, top four possibly, AH YES THE DOLPHIN GIRL, um I can't believe Chris soules is back my worst nightmare, I have a feeling she'll get far, top five is my prediction ((welp ok got the number right I guess lmao))
  23. Jaimi: ELIMINATED WEEK 5
  24. Josephine: intro package ELIMINATED WEEK 5
    hard pass, wtf is her Nick impression, weiner, lady and the tramp it, all no's
  25. Taylor: intro package ELIMINATED WEEK 5
    SEATTLE YES, that dsm-5 in the background, let's say top 6
  26. Whitney: ELIMINATED WEEK 6
  27. Jasmine G: ELIMINATED WEEK 6
  28. Danielle L: intro package, my top four ELIMINATED WEEK 6
    SO PRETTY WHAT THE HECK, top four, final rose vibes, sitting in the same spot Ben and Lauren did on the first night
  29. Danielle M: intro package, my top four ELIMINATED WEEK 7
    yes yes yes yes, TOP FOUR, HOMEMADE MAPLE SYRUP AWWWW, neonatal nurse, "called to" her job
  30. Kristina ELIMINATED WEEK 7
    accent and very calm and put together, cute crying not annoying crying