TV I Watched With My Parents Growing Up

  1. CSI
    Always a favorite. My sister and I made up a dance to theme song. I thought the lyrics were "New Orleans... new new, new new" and wondered why they would choose that for a show set in Las Vegas. Upon hearing that for the first time in 16 years, there wont be any iteration of CSI on, I felt sad but relieved, like when a really old person dies.
  2. Will & Grace
    I would undoubtedly credit my passion for LGBTQ rights and early acceptance of non hetero relationships in large part to watching as much Will and Grace as I did when I was young. To me the show was never about Will and Jack being gay so much as it was about their lives as people. Sad that not much else can reach that.
  3. ER
    I remember having a fight with my mom over what was better: ER or Lizzie McGwire. I also remember that I cried a lot when Dr. Greene died. I still call Maura Tierney "Nurse Abby." I should probably binge watch this series.