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Instead of dealing with my life.
  1. Hawaii
    Just look at the relaxing water and shit.
  2. More Hawaii
    I mean, I'm a Hawaiian goddess. So duh.
  3. Harry Potter World
    No explanation needed.
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I might've watched The Mindy Project and The Office a lot recently, so it's not that I'm just weird creepy fan. @mindy is an inspiration.
  1. Her fashion slays
    Can you even imagine what little sister wardrobe perks I would get?!
  2. She says it like it is.
    I wish I was as ballsy as her.
  3. Mindy was the voice in a Disney animated movie.
    Let's be real, you know you make it big when you are the voice of a character in a Disney kid's movie. Plus, imagine the bragging rights!
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I am 23 with a full time career job and yet I can't function.
  1. I ate chips for breakfast
    In all honesty, I forgot breakfast so this is all I had hidden in my desk
  2. Caffeine addiction is a real life problem
  3. I don't get paid until Thursday but I inly have $24 in my account
    I'm honestly not sure what happened.
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