I might've watched The Mindy Project and The Office a lot recently, so it's not that I'm just weird creepy fan. @mindy is an inspiration.
  1. Her fashion slays
    Can you even imagine what little sister wardrobe perks I would get?!
  2. She says it like it is.
    I wish I was as ballsy as her.
  3. Mindy was the voice in a Disney animated movie.
    Let's be real, you know you make it big when you are the voice of a character in a Disney kid's movie. Plus, imagine the bragging rights!
  4. Her Twitter game is on point
    Regardless of the haters, I follow her lead in all tweets. And retweet all tweets. And then tweet her because I just wanna be as cool as her. I would get a lot of followers for being related to her.
  5. Mindy gives a voice to feminist women and minorities in the TV/film industry.
    Besides Mindy being fierce and awesome and funny, she talks honestly about being a racial minority in Hollywood. She's real about the progress still needing to be made, and that's so important to me.
  6. Mindy provides a body positive image for young girls and me (a 23 year old self conscious lover of food)
    I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a skinny hot thing and deff don't look as flawless as Mindy, but Mindy is always body positive. The girl next to me at work questioned if I had too much chocolate yesterday and I told her she needs some Mindy in her life. Don't shame others, don't shame yourself. Mindy rocks whatever she wears with a confident fierceness comparable only to Beyonce. As my big sister she would kick my coworker's ass for me.