The Mall of America opened in August of 1992. And with it the restaurant 4th grade dreams are made of - the Rainforest Cafe.
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    My dad brought my sister @Sammyjbv and I to the mall when it first opened.👭
    It was the closest mall to our house and it was the BEST! 🎢🎡Camp Snoopy - an indoor amusement park meant roller coasters year round. Everything about it was pretty amazing to my 9-year-old self. It's still my go to mall when I need mall-type stuff IRL and not from online ordering (which is kinda rare now, but still happens sometimes). 🛍
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    We went on two rides that day but not really
    "The elevator and the escalator." Dad joke that was NOT funny at the time. I think my sister may have cried. 😿
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    But we did get to go to the Rainforest Cafe
    It was a rainforest inside the mall! It was a special dining experience because it was located entirely outside the food court areas. It dominated one of the main floor corners.
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    They had huge tropical fish tanks
    This was only one of the tanks, there were more throughout the restaurant.
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    And an animatronic alligator in a fountain
    You could toss coins in the fountain. The alligator would move every few minutes and its mouth would open. 🎉🎊💯if you managed to get a penny inside its mouth! 🍀
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    There were "real" rainstorms
    Every 20 mins or so the lights would dim, there were cracks of thunder, flashes of lightning, and rain fall all along the walls and windows. ⛈
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    This location closed and moved to the 3rd floor
    It's now part of the south food court extension and across from Bubba Gump's. There are no more fish tanks, which is probably a smart move. It wasn't uncommon to see some dead fish floating in the tanks while we were eating. 🐠⚰
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    I hadn't been there in years
    My son loved it when he was younger but has long since outgrown the allure.
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    Reportedly the new location is carpeted.
    This is so gross. Dining establishments should be able to mop the floors.
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    RIP first floor Rainforest Cafe 💐