my lip is blue and purple.... has been since like friday or saturday.... @finesse is trying to solve the mystery of how it got this way....any/all of which could be true. any guesses?
  1. i fell into a seat on an airplane, and hit my mouth pretty bad
  2. i accidentally used a blue permanent marker as lipstick and it still hasn't come off
  3. i got into a fight with jackie chan
    and won, but that's beside the point
  4. i was eating cereal a little too fast and i hit my bottom lip really hard with the spoon
  5. my brother elbowed me in the face on accident
    while we were playing just dance abba edition
  6. i did the kardashian lip challenge and did a little too well...
    i just want lips like kylie jenner:(
  7. i was hiking at snowbird and i tripped on my shoelace and hit a rock
    i just can't cover my lips with foundation like the rest of my face....
  8. i always have a purple otter pop in my bag
    they aren't actually bruised.... it's just an excuse to hide my frozen treat addiction
  9. i kneed myself in the mouth while doing mountain climbers
  10. i ran into a pole because i was snachatting.....