1. Dear 2016
  2. You had a lot of promise
  3. You started off with new friends
  4. You made me think that I had potential for great things this year
  5. And great things did happen
  6. You made me lose my 4.0
  7. You made me get into fights with friends
  8. But it's okay
  9. But you were still pretty great
  10. In fact 23/24 of you was amazing, a literal dream
  11. Just wish you would've stayed like that
  12. 2017 will be even better, 24/24 of it will be a dream.
  13. 2016, we had our rough times, but you were filled with so many firsts.... so many memories and people that I'll never forget. I'll miss our weird love/hate relationship.
  14. XOXO, Mary