And why I adore them
  1. @finesse (elise)
    elise and i met last year, and weren't huge fans of eachother at first but now we are so close and hang out pretty much all the time, and we go to yoga together so we are cute
  2. @lucille (lucy)
    ever since i first met lucy, i loved lucy. she was so nice to me and we have so much in common in every aspect. she is so kind, and she's gonna be my friend foreverrrr
  3. lauren rose
    one of my longest friends, she's always there to listen to my often stupid stories and i adore her; can't possibly imagine life without her.
  4. zoe muffy
    known this girl since kindergarten. adore her sweet spirit and her cute face.
  5. alex
    i've only really hung out with him for 6 months, but he is one of my favs
  6. jessica
    my cousin, my lovely beautiful, trustworthy cousin. we share everything with each other. adore her.
  7. ashlee
    we have gone on multiple adventures together... one time we almost died.... and she is my spirit animal
  8. merrick
    we both like to mess with people and he always can talk
  9. my brothers
    they make fun of me. and I love them.
  10. everyone else
    but not really. i'm picky.