but are not limited to
  1. Belting Les Mis and Wicked
    While i violently pound the chords on the piano
  2. Sitting in my car when it's dark and quiet out
  3. Setting time limits for things
    Like you don't text me back for 30 minutes? Making other plans. Boom.
  4. Watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos
    Don't judge until you've watched....
  5. Putting on makeup
    Just to get a "hmmm maybe tomorrow would work better for that" 🔫🔫🔫
  6. Making fun of my family's bachelorette obsession
    It's getting out of hand
  7. Putting things off
    Until like 10 minutes before they need to be done...
  8. Calling my grandma
    Cuz she'll always talk, sweet lady.
  9. Yelling at random things
    Like my school binder... That's a regular
  10. Replying "k." to messages that annoy me
    Passive aggressively. Always.